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汕尾康明斯柴油发电机工厂企业质量和环境方针是 “清洁生产,先进可靠,节能环保,持续改进”,该方针也是康明斯人核心价值观,汕尾康明斯柴油发电机工厂以令人信服的品质与服务在全球柴油发电机组行业与客户中建立起良好的美誉度和知名度,产品远销全球五大洲六十多个国家和地区。


Shanwei cummins diesel generator factory is located in todays world manufacturing high - shanwei, has one of the most large-scale in greater China and the far east diesel generating sets of modern production and testing base, covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, the assembly workshop of 13000 square meters. Traces the development course of shanwei cummins diesel generator factory has more than 50 years of the development of long production history and strong performance, as early as the era of planned economy to be included in the national power fixed-point production enterprise, national defense and economic construction of the motherland to make a great contribution. Shanwei cummins diesel generator factory focus is committed to generating system of scientific research, production and services, provide comprehensive power system solution, power from 1 kw to 4500 kw, diesel oil, natural gas generator covers a variety of purposes
Shanwei cummins diesel generator factory has always attached importance to enterprise innovation and environmental protection, enterprises have many national patents, in the global diesel generating set manufacturing industry, cummins is always paying attention and is committed to become the model of strict enforcement of the environmental management system standard. Now history they are with great enthusiasm, to revitalize national industry as own duty, actively explore the transformation of made in China for the Chinese to create the road of development, science and technology innovation, watt for love to become an international industry one of the most outstanding enterprise and tireless efforts.

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