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Zengcheng cummins diesel generator co., LTD., founded in 2000, in China and Asia area is involved in the early cummins generator set, the general agent of world famous brand sales of one of the enterprises. Is the collection of diesel generator set production, sale, leasing, maintenance services for the integration of standardized modern enterprise.


Power ranges from 0.6 KW to 5000 KW, use scope covers general electricity use, and a variety of special purpose of generating set. Has become mainly imported cummins generator set OEM complete sets of manufacturers, production of land use, Marine generator set, type involving intelligent power stations, car plant, trailer power station, mute, etc, are widely used in factories, mines, communications, military, ships, roads, railways and other industries.


Construction that is associated with the environmental protection, waste heat water, weaver, voltage regulator, compensation and other supporting engineering. Cummins company uphold excellence, innovative approach to development, has passed IS09001 and IS014001 international certification system, such as cummins company has a mature technology, a diesel generator with professional generator room environmental protection engineering design, as well as an experienced maintenance after-sales service team, may at any time to provide customers with high-quality products and quality service customer satisfaction! Cummins company has a complete spare parts distribution system and efficient service team, welcome customers at home and abroad visit and cooperate!



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