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       阳江康明斯柴油发电机工厂的集发电机组及相关电力系统的研发、生产、销售及维修服务于一体。其专业化、规模化、集成化和系统化的程度堪称一流,并拥有多项自主专利技术,以此向全球提供多种燃料、多种电压等级的智能控制的 "安全、先进、环保、经济 "的发电机组系统。康明斯2009-2010年连续荣膺 "福布斯中国最具潜力企业 "排行榜。
       阳江康明斯柴油发电机工厂 CUMMINS康明斯动力、 STAMFORD斯坦福发电机、 ENGGA英格发电机等制造商形成在中国的核心合作伙伴。阳江康明斯柴油发电机工厂通过 ISO9001:2008ISO14001ISO18001CEGOST认证,产品符合国际国内标准: ISO8528ISO3046GJB150GB/T2820GB1105YD/T502,部分排放符合欧 标准及美国 EPAGARB标准。
       阳江康明斯产品畅销欧美、中东、非洲、东南亚、独联体等 80多个国家,全面应用于通信系统、数据中心、矿山、电力、高速公路、工程企业、金融系统、酒店、铁路、军队、机场、商业大厦、医院、工厂等许多重要领域,并与战略合作伙伴共同建立了全球服务体系。

       敢为人先、敢为人新是 康明斯永恒的追求,创造行业典范是康明斯永恒的愿景!
Yangjiang belong to cummins diesel generator plant and its holding company, has nearly 500 well-trained, low professional staff team, scientific research and manufacture center covers an area of 120000 square meters, the first phase of assembly workshop 20000 square meters, with an annual output of 10000 km under all kinds of single generator unit capacity of 10000 sets. Company after nearly 20 years of baptism, fusion of world-class generator design and manufacturing experience and advanced processing technology, and strive to achieve new beyond.
Yangjiang cummins diesel generator factory set of generators and related electric power systems research and development, production, sales and service in a body. The degree of specialization, scale, integration and systematization of superb, and has a number of independent patent technology, in order to provide a wide range of global fuel, the intelligent control of voltage grade of "safe, advanced, environmental protection, economy" generator system. Cummins in 2009-2010 was named "Forbes China the most potential enterprises" list.
Yangjiang CUMMINS diesel generators with CUMMINS CUMMINS power, U.S.A STAMFORD generator factory, ENGGA eng generator manufacturers such as to form the core of the partners in China. Yangjiang cummins diesel generator factory passed the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO18001, CE, GOST certification, the products comply with international and domestic standards: ISO8528, ISO3046, GJB150, GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, partial discharge in accordance with European Ⅲ standard and American EPA and GARB.
Yangjiang cummins products sell well in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia, the commonwealth of independent states (cis), such as more than 80 countries, comprehensive application in the communication system, data center, mining, power, highways, engineering companies, financial system, hotels, railways, military, airports, commercial buildings, hospitals, factories and many other important areas, and set up a global and strategic partners service system.
Dare before others, a new cummins is the eternal pursuit, creating industry model is cummins eternal vision!


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