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Zhaoqing cummins diesel generator factory of zhaoqing city hundred strong private enterprises with over 30 years of experience in internal combustion engine, diesel generator set industry veteran who invested according to modern enterprise system and become a new type of modern enterprise.

Zhaoqing factory is mainly engaged in cummins diesel generator diesel generating sets and non-standard equipment production, sale, leasing, room (noise) engineering and stainless steel, carbon steel parts supplies the professional company, from the diesel generator set production, sale, lease to form a complete set of engineering design, implementation, from the normal maintenance of diesel generator set to various failure of elimination, we can all achieve your needs.

Zhaoqing factory by dongfeng cummins and chongqing cummins diesel generator cummins diesel engine power, generator use British marathon motor Stanford motors and the United States. Automatic, computer "three remote", manual and automatic interconnection control system, the implementation of the unit from the start, the investment, the protection, since switching, multiple sets of automatic weaver and remote control, remote sensing, remote inquiry and remote monitoring function. My companys main products are 5-1500 - kw type, mobile type, towing vehicle type, vehicle type, low noise diesel generating sets, widely used in the military-industrial complex, post and telecommunication, transportation, water conservancy, oil field coal mine, hospital, airport, high-rise buildings, highways, industrial and mining enterprises and other important areas, as a kind of ideal ? quality reliable emergency or commonly used electricity

Zhaoqing cummins diesel generator factory products leading technology, advanced technology, reliable quality, abide by the contract, and has a perfect sound network service system, pre-sales services: free of charge to provide clients with the unit type selection, room design and other technical consulting; After-sales service: door-to-door guidance customer unit installation and debugging for free for customers, training the operator for the customer, life-long maintenance services!




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