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康明斯高压注入(HPI)PT全权电子燃油系统。HPI G-Drive采用PT燃油系统由控制系统(GCS)控制器,这是提供off-engine安装发电机组的控制面板。量子控制一个特定的燃料系统板与HPI-PT燃油系统接口,提供了一个引擎保护包给大客户的灵活性和成本有效的替代控制设计和完整的权威electroni的好处。

CTT(康明斯涡轮增压技术)HX82 HX83涡轮增压利用排气能量与更高的效率改进的排放和燃料消耗。

低温冷却后,两泵双回线(2 p2l)。





Cummins power equipment (shenzhen) co., LTD., corp., a professional operating cummins diesel generator sales and after-sales service, is China authorized OEM kit manufacturer of diesel generator, and for a long time in the state, large real estate developers, famous international hotel chain, construction enterprises and other units to establish strategic cooperative partnership. Cummins power layout in China five largest production base for diesel generator set, generator after-sales service point radiation China provinces and cities area.
? generator to distinguish: portable generators, stationary generators, silent type generator, vehicular power generators.
?  common range of generator power (kw) : 50 kw to 1000 kw power.
More about the latest products and technology content diesel generators, please log in the generators official website:
Cummins diesel generator set technical indicators and leading global stability:
 Cummins High Pressure Injection (HPI) PT full authority electronic fuel system. The HPI PT fuel system is managed by a G-Drive Governor Control System (GCS) controller, which is provided for off-engine mounting in the genset control panel. The Quantum Control has a specific fuel system board to interface with the HPI-PT fuel system and provides an Engine Protection package giving greater customer flexibility and cost effective alternatives in the control design and the benefits of Full Authority electronic control.
♦ CTT (Cummins Turbo Technologies) HX82/HX83 turbo-charging utilizes exhaust energy with greater efficiency for improved emissions and fuel consumption.
♦ Low Temperature After-cooling - Two-pump Two-loop (2P2L).
♦  Ferrous Cast Ductile Iron (FCD) Pistons - High strength design delivers superior durability.
♦  G-Drive Integrated Design - Each component has been specifically developed and rigorously tested for G-Drive products, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability.
♦  Service and Support - G-Drive products are backed by an uncompromising level of technical support and after sales service, delivered through a world class service network.
♦  Coolpac Integrated Design - Products are supplied complete with cooling package and air cleaner kit for a complete power package. Each component has been has been specifically developed and rigorously tested for G-Drive products, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability.


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